I have one goal - to grow your business by educating, inspiring and empowering your people.

Isobel Stewart Coaching is a consultancy specialising in leadership & sales training, retail coaching and team development. By focusing on your number one asset, your people, I am able to solve the underlying issues within your teams instead of simply looking at the surface problems. These techniques will break down barriers and result in a high performing individuals and teams.


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Le Creuset

Team Development Day

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Progress Retail

Professional development content creation and delivery

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Virtual workshop on positive action and goal setting for members


Filtered Media

Virtual workshop for Filtered Media's client

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FBI Fashion College

Fashion consulting and professional development training

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Global sales and training programs, virtual training, DISC and personal development workshops.

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Sales Training

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Taylor Morgan Creative

Business coaching

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Watson Agency

Business Coaching


Supporting your business 
through Covid-19

Through a time of such uncertainty, it is critical for a business to lead the way for their teams to ensure they are feeling safe, appreciated, valued  and understood while their work is being impacted.

My offering of personal and professional development workshops provides support, direction and clarity to your teams working remotely, resulting in better performance & consistent results. Get in touch below to see how I can support your teams using a variety of virtual workshops covering sales, management, leadership and wellness.


'People leave managers not businesses'.

Whether you believe that statement or not, the truth of the matter is that few managers are taught the skills of managing individuals or leading teams. Most managers are promoted based on performance within their role, opposed to management skills, yet the gap can cost a business astronomically and result in employees leaving.

Leadership is not a one size fits all approach and I see this in every session I conduct. A skilled leader can reduce turnover, gains consistent results and improves morale. A great leader understands how to develop future leaders. They empower their employees to be more productive, more inspired and gain business success as a result.


In today’s extremely competitive business environment, one of the most important tools that a company can have to ensure their customer is at the center of their business. Sales and Engagement is built on rapport and connection with your customer. A sales team that can understand and develop these skills will always be ahead of the game.

Clients want to know that they matter, they are heard and that they are understood. Allowing me to develop your team's skill through focus on human behaviour and sales psychology will set your team apart from the rest. Get quicker results by understanding of the clients as an individual and the why behind their needs.


My approach when coaching within a business space is to focus on all elements of individuals life in order to drive professional success and growth.

Often, we forget that employees performance is directly impacted by their environment and lifestyle external to work; their home life, personal awareness and mindset, work life balance ability and personality type. As we learn how to create and maintain a more  balanced lifestyle, we will see better performance, improved confidence and renewed motivation with the individual.

I provide the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle which are the keys to a happier, healthier life. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.


To compete in today's business world, professional development is no longer a nice-to have, it is a must have. 77% of employees feel they’re "on their own" to develop their careers within their company and is a top reason why they leave a jobs, Business Insider reports.

These programs are designed to open teams up to new possibilities and strategies, while developing their knowledge and skills. Resulting in employees feeling valued, inspired increasing their confidence, resulting in increased productivity.

These programmes will support your business to:

Attract and retain employees

Develop employees self-awareness

Develop skills to understanding and effectively work with others 

Improve teams ability to work cohesively and collaboratively

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To develop a successful company you need a diverse employment base. Every individual has different perspectives but also different ways of working. DISC Advanced training is the focus on behavioural performance and behavioural differences.

DISC training allows your team to understand their personality traits and optimal working styles. By understand your teams area's of strength and styles through a consistent model, you can start to develop a highly cohesive team. My process is about achieving real outcomes in the workplace environment including conflict management, improved working relationships and identifying and responding to customer styles. I provide ongoing coaching and support - going far beyond simply ticking a box. 

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Who is Isobel Stewart?

Isobel Stewart is a Sydney based transformational coach and sales trainer who has been empowering people since 2006.

Isobel's experience is extensive, spanning over 15 years in global sales, training, management and human behaviour. As an accredited master coach, NLP practitioner, DISC consultant, Meta Dynamics profiler and facilitator, it has been her passion for the psychology behind people & sales that drives her and her clients success. This passion has taken her across global markets including USA, UK, UAE, Europe, NZ and Australia with her mission to empower individuals and business through the power of education.

Isobel has worked with both smaller business as well as leading global  brands, applying her key principles - working together to inspire and motivate teams to achieve their best possible outcomes. Isobel's highly engaging, infectious personality and real world experience sets her apart from the rest.


"You don't build a business, your build people. And then people build the business."

Zig Ziglar


Mark Jones
CEO & Chief Storyteller

Isobel is an expert in personal and professional development, combining genuine passion and unique insights to leave a lasting impression. I saw this first hand when she delivered a highly engaging and interactive virtual workshop on positive action & goal setting to our client’s members. This highly-rated session gave people the tools and space to create personal growth plans. I recommend Isobel if you need development programs for your team that make an instant impact.

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